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  • Introducing: Avalon


    About Avalon

    As an independent thinker, Avalon has been a student of spirituality and personal growth for my entire life, and more specific for the last 30 years.  She has been on a mission to expand her consciousness, heal her heart, remove childhood imprints, liberate her soul, and understand cultural and societal conditioning. In doing so, she has designed a life for myself that is more aligned with her true nature. 

    After leaving a promising career on Wall Street, Avalon attended many personal development schools, researched alternative healing, trained as a yoga and meditation teacher, and refined her abilities as a channel for energy healing.

    As a seeker of esoteric knowledge, after her children were grown and self-sufficient, she traveled solo and spent time in ashrams throughout Southeast Asia, sat in prayer with shamans in South America, practiced Kriya yoga in the mountains of Switzerland, and meditated at sacred sites such as Ayers Rocks, Machu Picchu, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Sedona, temples in Mexico, Spain, India, Bali, Thailand, and Peru.

    Avalon's innate ability to deeply understand others, along with her desire to be of service and years of training, have paved the way for her professional life as a way-shower, healer, and teacher. She will guide you with her professional expertise and intuitive abilities to have the courage to create space in your life that aligns with your true nature, allowing you to find freedom and fulfill your human potential. Her greatest joy is to contribute to the evolution of the expanding consciousness of this planet and empower like-minded and like-hearted individuals. 

    In addition to her own private practice, Avalon has been an invited guest teacher at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies where she has led a variety of classes for both participants and staff since 2003 including:

    • Beginner / Intermediate / Gentle Yoga
    • Yoga Nidra
    • Pranayama
    • Meditation
    • Group Energy Healing
    • Understanding Core Wounds
    • Reiki and Magical Awakening Trainings
    • Seeing, Feeling and Strengthening the Aura  
    • Personal Development Classes
    • Assist with Reiki Empowerment Workshops at the Omega Institute


    Avalon's Mission

    • To evolve myself into the greatest version of myself possible and inspire you to evolve into the greatest version of you.
    • Then together, proudly be of selfless service to all of humanity and this gorgeous, beloved planet.

    Avalon's Plan

    • Help you uncover limiting beliefs about yourself and give you outrageous support to help you create the most soul fulfilling authentic life.

    Avalon's Energy Healing

    Trying to see behind the curtain of the unseen worlds I was naturally drawn to explore healing modalities such as energy work. It has always been my intention and experience to use this tool not only to facilitate healing but to help advance spiritual awareness and connect more deeply with spirit.

    Having explored various lineages of energy healing, I have been initiated into:

    • Reiki and Reiki Mastership (1993) 
    • Reconnection Healing (2004)
    • Vortex Healing (2007)
    • Magical Awakening and Teacher Initiation (2011)
    • Kyrstic Energy System (2020)

    “I would love to walk with you on your journey of expansion and empowerment, and witness you freely express your most authentic self.”

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